Sunday, 8 February 2009

Advocacy of Inequality (Dowling, 2009)

FAO: Mr Waters et Al (2009),

I would like to thank you kindly for your last blog. I shall make particularly reference to the use of 'fiscal' policy as a justification to leaving the education establishment, was highly amusing. A nice story of highs and lows, and certainly a sentiment for the expression 'bros before hoe's' *respect*. I would like to take this opportunity to indulge a little further into the nostalgia of your last blog to suggest to the nature of this so called 'junk food', because I don't know about you, but I have a serious urge for a 'drumstick' bar right now, swiftly followed by a pack of maltesers.

So it begins. WITHOUT any further a due, and WITH the mental imagery of drumsticks, maltesers and License to Kill/facility/remote mines (and no oddjobs or the scientist who is also fractionally smaller than the other characters, and of course the professional unwritten rule of not shooting someone unless they have a firearm(remember that one), I lead you down the yellow brick road to the main (slightly obese) body of my premier blog, and the subject matter of ...scales.

"What was once a student teacher relationship, is far more of an equal status"

Indeed, and rightly so. For it is my belief, and this blogging discourse, that we are by very definition both equal and unequal as friends. You are not required to agree, or accept my idea, but I at least hope you consider it.

The idea of equality is a theoretical utopia, not to mention what some current (more former) countries based their whole political ideology on. I do agree with the idea of equality and for all intensive (theoretical) purposes we are equal.. particularly in the contextual meaning you meant it in. But I also argue that we are unequal, and rightly so. Friends by their very nature are there for each other in times of need, they are the ones to call when you cannot control something, or you want to know how to control something (physical or mental) and it is that reciprocal understanding and respect of the other which puts you on a level playing field. However, friends are more than that. It is your friends who are the greatest, most interesting and most valued people in the world, they are, in all probability, the most influential people to you. Their are those who, with exception, change you life radically, agreed, but it is an accumulation of the incremental additions to your life that are truly the drivers for change, and what ultimately shape your rise (or fall) as an individual. Why are they so influential comes down to a simple cognitive process of you allowing them to do so. You allow them to influence you, that is why they do so.

So you see, I do not see you as an equal, because it is that very unequal nature, which has shaped my character (and vice versa). It is that very nature of disequalibrium that makes you truly an influence on my life, and why I consider you a true friend. I learn from you everyday, and friends will always surprise you, and you will always underestimate them. There are qualities in you, and I always see positives in people, because they are beautiful. Assets and qualities which I aspire to, and hope that I may one day learn, adapt and adopt in order to better myself as a person. It is quite a privellage to have friendships, whereby the biggest compliment someone can give you is to want to take a quality that you express and make it their own. It is not only flattering, but heartfelt...

let me know your thoughts