Wednesday, 23 June 2010


"Once again, my life has been saved by the miracle of lasagna" (Garfield, 2004)

Ah yes, the great academic that is Dr. Garfield (phd in lasagna) of which I shall come back to shortly. Its been a fair while since I last blogged, purely down to the fact that my life recently has been hectic, fluctuating, at times stressful. I have been busy busy busy in both work and play. Since my last blog I have revised for and sat my final series of exams at Loughborough. I assumed it would be my last ever, but it turns out that my adventures to alberta rather inevitably result in yet more examinations this december. mmmmmmmmeeeeehhhh! Oh well, im over it. So now I have the summer ahead with the goal to break-even with the banks and complete a 20,000 word dissertation...I wouldnt have life any other way....I mean that in an 'its busy' sense, because if I could have it any other way I would have achieved my desired outcome by then :P I wanted to keep this one short and simple today, primarily to keep in touch with the common 'blogger' due to my absence, and partly because I appreciate my blogs at times can be long and tedious essays; of which requires the upmost self-discipline and appreciation for my incessant ramblings. I wanted to share with you a feeling which I can only best describe as a 'novelty' in my life, something which I rarely share when it happens, and usually prefer to point out the obscurity and complexity of life.

I wanted to share with you a feeling of contentedness.

Its a feeling that I rarely express or feel, in fact I will even go as far to say that, and those particularly close to me will entirely appreciate this, is that I am not an easily content man. Things hardly ever are quite enough for me at times. I do not mean content in the fact that I am happy with where I am at and I dont what to move. Quite the contrary. Nothing cataclysmic or revolutionary has happened, but this feeling is more precisely a series of incremental and slow evolutions. I feel that my life is forever changing and progressing. Relationships, my studies, my family life, my friends etc etc. But right now I feel in all departments, everything is just pointing in the right direction and everything for me is going the way I want it, and I take a lot from that, and feel its nice to take time out to appreciate that. I have so SO much to do in every single department of my existence, but I am content in the fact that I know they will go the way I want them. I can sit here and type with an understanding that life around me feels in a perfect equilibrium and I feel so comforted about it. I feel in control. I feel great. Life is great, and its not about the big things, but I have come to realise that its also not just about the small things either. Its about a balance of things. Balancing it on that tiny tightrope of happiness and at that point we can just sit back and go 'yeeeeaaaaaaaa' [peaches]. I have got great friends, great prospects, great family and maybe canada changes your perspective on what you have. But I have something amazing right now and I love it. I love what I do, I love the people I have recently met, I just love life.... I really do. This is of those times where you smile at the word and it smiles straight back at you. I love my world and everyone in it; and for that I cant think of anything else more inspiring. Its just a nice thought that, even if you feel that you aren't quite where you want to be in the grand scheme of things, just to reflect on the fact that actually, you are going the right direction, its just that you are not there yet. Sit back and enjoy life. Somehow I think that garfield just got it right. It is a rather bizarre and odd metaphor but it is genuinely the best way I can describe how good life is.... through lasagna. Its the combination of good meat, these things that really give your life substance (friends, family, your work) and the layers and layers of pasta which give you the energy to make things happen, just makes something so so tasty right now!...and as for lasagna and life as a whole, I feel hungry...